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Hey, Is the septic tank system included in a home inspection.

Updated: Feb 11

The septic tank system is one of them items that needs to be discussed when hiring a home inspector. This is when assuming something can let you down. Most home inspectors are not inspecting the septic tank system. Even though it is connected to the home it is not under the main roof structure of the residents. The home inspector will inspect all toilets and all water source drains. To confirm they are all functioning properly. The Home inspector could have septic systems inspections as an add on service he or she provides. That is why it is important to ask questions. If the inspector does not inspect the septic tank system ,there report will have a disclaimer in it.

This is my take on inspecting septic tank systems and why i do not. A septic tank system is very important and can be very costly to fix or replace. I have taken a few classes and did some research on septic system inspections and just fell that this needs to be referred to a septic tank company. With a septic tank system every component is under ground, you can not see it. To inspect a septic tank where you can see as much as possible, it needs to be pumped out. There are also many parts to the septic system such as drain pipes, septic tank, leach field and so on. There could be a problem with any of these components. The inspector will charge for all the time it takes to locate, inspect and other task related to the septic inspection. The end result could still be contact a septic company to pump and inspect the septic tank

. I allows suggest to my clients if the septic tank system is a concern and the sellers do not know the last time the septic tank was pump. I recommend getting the septic tank pumped and the system inspected by a certified septic company.

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