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What guides: what a home inspector does and does not inspect.

When you are interviewing home inspectors to inspect the home you are selling or buying. Make sure you are clear what they inspect or do not inspect. Most all home inspectors follow a Standard Operating Procedure that states what they will inspect and the reason why they may not be able to inspect certain areas or items. There are many states that have their on SOP's. States that don't have their on SOP's inspectors usually follow either inter NACHI or ASHI SOP's. The inspector you hire can provide a copy of the SOP's to you. This information may help clear up any expectation the client has of the home inspector.

The home inspector should inspect all key functions of the home such as The roof, exterior, kitchen, bathrooms, interior, hot water heat, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, attic, crawl space /foundation and attached garages. Most home inspections just cover the main structure. Most inspections do not included a detached garage. it can be inspected , but it would cost extra. That needs to be discussed when hiring a home inspector. One big item a see talked about on social media is how a home inspector inspects a roof. In the interNACHI SOP's it states that a home inspector does not have to walk on a roof. Now an SOP is a basic minimum ,the inspector can go above it. According to the SOP inspecting the roof from the ground with binoculars is acceptable. It is all about the inspectors safety in regards to climbing the ladder and walking on the roof. If the roof pitch or roof condition will not allow the inspector to walk the roof safely, then they should not. The roof could be inspected from the ladder with out getting on the roof itself. In todays world technology is becoming a big part of home inspections with using a drone to inspect roofs safely.

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Verified MFD Home Engineering Certification